Nail art: Shades of Sunshine

I want it to be Summer! Sun, warmth and Summer clothes! But as long as it’s still winter, I guess I’m stuck with just Summer-style nail art… This one was inspired by the colours the sun can show. Yellow, orange and red. And with a bright blue background, to really show of the Shades of Sunshine 🙂

Essence – Let’s get lost

Essence – Let’s get lost

Coincidentally, my most perfect sky-blue polish is also one of my favorites! Let’s get Lost, by Essence was one of the two first Essence polishes I ever bought (the other one was Choose Me!). That was back when they still had the old and tiny bottles. Unfortunately, that old bottle is halfway empty and kinda dried out, so I bought a replacement a while ago (not that I actually threw out the old one). And I still love it!

As soon as the base layer had dried, I painted the shapes in which I wanted the sunbeams to be. For that, I uses three layers of white acrylic paint. Just like in last week’s NOTD, it was meant to make the following colours look brighter, but in this case it was also meant to form outlines.

And then on to the shades of sunshine! The thumb and ringfinger both have all three shades, with yellow in the middle. The other nails each have a single sunbeam in one colour. This took two layers of acrylic paint, and I worked colour per colour (instead of nail per nail). After that, I only had to go back with white for a bit, to fix small mistakes.

China Glaze – Fairy Dust

To make it really fun and bright, I added some extra sparkle to each sunbeam using China Glaze’s Fairy Dust. The thumbnail and ringfingernail both have a tiny rhinestone as a sun 🙂

Essence gel look topcoat

It was probably already clear due to how many photo’s I took of this mani, but I really liked it! It was different from what I usually do, but it loved seeing it on my nails. Definitely something I’ll do again 🙂

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5 Responses to Nail art: Shades of Sunshine

  1. Brilliant post those nails are stunning! I love the blue nail polish it’s such a pretty colour :3

  2. BaroquenNails says:

    That blue shade really is stunning, and it makes a great backdrop for those fiery colors 🙂

  3. Oh uiiiiii, these are so bright and summery beach like!

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