Nail art: Sort of Victorian lace nails

As usual, I was de-polishing my nails while watching random stuff on Youtube. This time, I happened to come across a series (of 4 episodes) about ghosts in Great-Britain. For those who are interested, they’re called ‘Castle Ghosts of Ireland’, ‘Castle Ghosts of Scotland’, ‘Castle Ghosts of Wales’ and ‘Castle Ghosts of England’. A person named something with ‘mysterygirl’ in it (I can’t remember the full channel name) has all four of them in good quality. I really recommend them if you like ghost stories with a nice atmosphere 🙂

Anyhow, I wanted to do a nail art which had something to do with those kind of ghosts, but it had to be something suitable to my (not very high) level of nail art. Lately, all my nail arts have actually turned out the way I planned, let’s try to keep that trend going by not attempting anything too complicated 😛 So instead of trying to paint old fashioned British ghosts on my nails, I kept it at old-looking decoration for clothes. Lace in shades of brown. And also some gold, since it was inspired by a series about Castle ghosts 😉

Bottle: Misa – Pretty

Bottle: NYC – Park Ave

As usual, I started out with two layers of a nice colour. This time, it was Misa’s Pretty. A pretty nude colour, which irl almost matches my skintone. Moreover, it’s easy to apply and ends up looking even and shiny. On the accent nails (thumb and pointer finger) I also added a stripe of Park Ave by NYC, which I used the bottle’s own brush for.

As soon as all polish had dried, I brought out the acrylic paint again. The brown ‘lace’ was done first, in two layers. And when that was dry enough, I added the black lines (also in two layers). That way it isn’t so bad when the brown ends up a bit besides the darker stripe of base colour, as the black line will make that invisible anyways.

Corner of pointer finger nail chipped 😦

To make it look more classy, I then added some topcoat to the black stripes. Then, before it could dry, I used a dotting tool to press loose gold glitter into it. It got a little bit outside the lines, but I kinda like the look of that. After all, it’s supposed to look old fashioned, not modern and perfect.

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  1. Haha, so cool, and especially what you were inspired by : ))

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