NOTD: ‘just-to-have-something-on-there-nails’

Usually, I do a nail art at the beginning of the week. As soon as it starts to chip, though, I remove it and do a NOTD to get my nails through the rest of the week. Most of the times, those NOTDs never come online. Sometimes there’ll be a week in which I just classify that week’s nail art as a NOTD (if I didn’t find it good enough to be a nail art). But overall, those ‘just-to-have-something-on-there-nails’ never make it onto the blog. So that’s why I thought it’d be fun to devote this week’s post to the ‘just-to-have-something-on-there-nails’ of the past few weeks 🙂

Ruffian mani

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of ruffian manis. However, they are easy to make, so I decide to give it a try. The base is OPI’s ‘I Don’t Give A Rotterdam, and ‘Stuck On You’ by Essence is on top.

Red texture and bar glitter

For these nails, I started out with 2 layers of Essence’s ‘Me and my lover’, one of their Sparkle Sand polishes. After that, I added a layer of a bar glitter polish by Claire’s. The texture of the Essence polish was still there!

Crystal nails

This started out with 2 layers of ‘Sparkling Waterlily’ by Essence, followed by a layer of Sally Hansen’s ‘Crystal Beading’. Then I painted some black stripes on each nail, using acrylic paint. And to finish it off, each nail got a dot of China Glaze’s ‘Glistening Snow’.

French with stars

French tips again 😛 This truly is one of those manicures I’ll always love. For this version, I started out with two layers of a French tip polish by Miss Sporty, followed by a nameless white polish by Max for the tips. Then I added the stars, and a layer of China Glaze’s  ‘Fairy Dust’.

Purple needle nail art attempt

This one was supposed to look a lot more neat than it ended up doing. Basically, I painted each nail in ‘Stuck On You’ by Essence, then added a drop of that and a drop of NYC’s Prospect Park Pink. I used a needle to mingle those on the nail.

As you might have noticed, I love using Essence polishes for this type of manicure. They’re cheap and easy to work with, which makes them perfect to just quickly do my nails with. Other than that, there’s no real theme to the ‘just-to-have-something-on-there-nails’. It’s simply a matter of starting out with some colour, then just see where it ends 😛

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1 Response to NOTD: ‘just-to-have-something-on-there-nails’

  1. I actually love this post. I’m working in a bakery now, so my weekday notd nails are just SAD, but I like seeing yours!

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