NOTD: Magnetic Blue

From this week onwards, I’m planning on posting a NOTD almost every Tuesday, and so this is the first one 🙂

I was searching through my nail polishes for a special looking but neglected polish. And I soon ran into Spell Bound, a magnetic polish by Essence. Once bought it out for curiosity, along with a magnetic pen also by Essence, then used them once and forgot all about them. But there’s nothing wrong with the polish itself, I like the colour and the magnetic effect works perfectly. Time to use it again!

Above, you can see the difference between the first layer (which can just dry without any effect) and the second layer (on the thumb nail). That second layer has to be thick, and then the pen is used to quickly ‘draw’ a simple pattern. Without touching the polish. It works best to do that nail per nail, if the polish dries too much the pen won’t work anymore.

Het leek me mooi om ook een crème lakje te gebruiken, voor contrast met het magnetische effect. Aangezien Spell Bound redelijk donker is, heb ik de lichte kleur Absolutely Blue gekozen als tweede lakje. Een soort schuine French tip met nog een streepje erboven werd het uiteindelijke design, simpel maar chic 🙂

I thought it’d look nice to also use a cream polish, for some contrast with the magnetic effect. Seeing as Spell Bound is quite dark, the choice fell on Absolutely Blue which is a pale colour by Essence. A sort of steep French tip with another thin line above it was how it turned out, simple but chic 🙂

Natural light


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