Nail art: It’s magic!

Once again, I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to put on my nails. In such cases, I usually just wait until I run into something usable 😛 This time I went to tidy up some clothes that were spread through my bedroom, and I noticed my plush unicorn sitting there. His name is Suske, by the way. Anyhow, there was an idea. A unicorn! But I didn’t want to do ‘just’ a unicorn, so I also decided to paint a magic wand on my nails. And that’s how these Magic nails came to be 🙂

With camera flash

The background colour had to be something magical, of course. The choice immediately fell on Cloud Nine by Color Club. One of the strongest holo polishes I’ve ever seen, which is very visible when using the camera’s flash. In natural lighting, it’s way less visible, although it is very much visible in direct sunlight (and prettiest).

Then I painted on the ‘shades’ of the figures in black acrylic paint. That’s much easier than a normal outline, and possible mistakes are easier to fix. After that had dried, I coloured them in. The light colours needed three layers, so that did take some time. Also, the unicorn has different colours than my unicorn plushie, as I had ran out of white acrylic paint 😛

I kept it simpler on my right hand, with one of my favorite nail polish combinations. Color Club’s Cloud Nine as a base, and Essence’s Only Purple Matters on the tips. Unfortunately, I broke some nails on that hand again, that’s why some are so short…

Natural light

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1 Response to Nail art: It’s magic!

  1. Holy …! It’s a unicorn!! : D

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