Short post: Nail polish trends!

A few days ago, I got pointed to something fun in the nail polish world, namely the Nail Polish Trend Report. A monthly report by the beauty brand Julep (that link leads to their webshop, where you can see what colours they sell 🙂 ), about which colours of nail polish are trending that month. That link leads to the report of this month, March. And it seems to give a very good hint at which colours will be trending during springtime!

It’s an interesting article for everyone who loves nail polish and/or fashion (or people who are already yearning for spring 😉 ). Although the image in article is specifically about America, the trending colours tend to be roughly the same world-wide.

The colours which are trending this month (warm coral, all things blue, sheer white and soft pastels) are indeed colours I’ve been seeing around irl. Personally, I’ve been liking blue and pastel colours. Which are perfect for spring! I’m not that much into sheer white, though, for the simple reason that my side job tends to try and kill my nails. So they simply look better with a fully covering polish to hide any damage. I do really like the look of sheer white nail polish on many other people. Also, it’s a great solution if you want to wear nail polish, but want it to be discreet instead of obviously there.

Anyhow, I wanted to share that article with you, because I like the concept of a monthly chart showing which colours are popular. I personally just choose my colours based on what I like at the moment, or which polishes I happen to have bought recently. And it’s really fun to see how that lines up with the trend colours 🙂 Besides, it’s a great inspiration when making a list of nail polish colours I still want to buy… 😉

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  1. Oh yay, I LOVE that map! What a cool idea! : )

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