NOTD: Red and pink

Sometimes when shopping, you end up getting more than anticipated. Usually that also means spending more money. But a little while ago (when me and my mom went to buy two packets of hairdye during a sale at a Dutch drugstore called Etos) my mom and me both got a free nail polish! A bright red one, by Etos’ own brand. I thought it looked very promising, so the next Wednesday I used it to maken this NOTD 🙂

Etos – red

I currently have 4 polishes by Etos. Two of them are about 5 years old now, from back when they went by the name ‘Effect Nails’. A glittery purple one and a sheer pink glitter. Both are slightly dried, but still usable. And one other new one, a bright pink one which is also featured in one or two posts on this blog. Now, this red one is added to that very small collection too, a bright red polish. Classy, yet fun.

The polish is easy to use, not too thick nor too thin. The brush is pretty standard, thin but nice and flexible. Although it barely shows on the photo, this nail polish doesn’t cover 100%, so it gives sort of a jelly finish. Which I’m very happy about, as I don’t own many of such polishes. On the photo, I’m wearing 2 layers. You could probably get it to cover perfectly in 3 or 4 layers.

HEMA – holographic pink

To continue on with the theme of using brands I don’t use often enough, I chose this holo polish by HEMA (another brand by a Dutch store). I bought it a long time ago to compare it to a holo polish by Color Club, but it is a very nice colour by itself. Only downside; it doesn’t cover perfectly, it sort of keeps less perfect spots on the nails. So I found it to be more useful for nail art.

For this design, I started out by using a striper brush and the HEMA polish to make a stripe on one side of the nail. The polish really is perfect for that, I used 2 layers for the stripes and only one for the dots. Then I used the same polish and a dotting tool to make a row of dots beside the stripe. To finish it off, I used a smaller dotting tool and the red Etos polish to make some dots on the pink stripe.

A layer of topcoat (I used the Gel-look topcoat by Essence, as usual), and the NOTD is done! I especially like the contrast between the shine red Etos colour and the metallic-like effect of the HEMA one.

Another Etos polish I really like, maybe I should buy them more often… The only downside to them is, despite the fact that they are rather cheap, that the bottles seem so small next to for example an Essence nail polish bottle. Still, I do really love my 4 Etos polishes. I think I’ll just put it on my list of ‘things to buy more often once I find a job’ 😛

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