Nail art: Peach and gold

This week I wanted something simple and classy, and it also had to fit with the nice weather we had that day. I wanted a sort of nude nail, but not really nude. Just light and natural. The choice fell on a pretty peach coloured nail polish by Essence, which looks especially nice when combined with one of Essence’s gold polishes. So that meant using two Essence polished. Not very surprising, considering more than half of my collection consists of Essence polishes 😛

Bottle: Essence – Go Bold

I used Essence’s Modern Romance as base colour for this nail art. I happened to have more to do that Sunday than anticipated, so I didn’t have time to take photos of the nail art until later. So this time, I only have photos of the completed look.

Anyhow, Modern Romance is a peach coloured polish that covers pretty good. The colour makes me think of a milkshake or candy, a nice pale colour. And as expected from an Essence polish, it’s easy to apply.

A striper brush and Go Bold by Essence were used for the swirls. Go Bold is a cool toned gold, that suits perfectly with Modern Romance. Also, the swirls ended up looking a lot better than I expected, they actually looked like swirls. The first time I ever tried something like that, they looked like anything but swirls 😛

For a nail art, these nails are rather simple. But I liked it the way it looked, and I didn’t want to make it too busy, so I only added one pale pink rhinestone on each nail.

Its simpleness is actually what I love about this nail art. Perfect for sunny weather, and I think the combination of gold and peach looks warm and festive 🙂

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