NOTD: Purple with purple and blue

Another very original name… Purple with purple and blue. I wanted to use a purple nail polish by A-England called Avalon, and I ddin’t want to do something with just dots and stripes again. Instead, I did sort of a French tip. In purple and blue. A shimmery polish contrasting with cream polishes on the tips, lately I’ve been liking contrast between polishes on the nails. So here’s a Purple with purple and blue NOTD 😉

Bottle: Max Factor – Candy Blue

Unfortunately, I forgot to make a photo of just the base colour… It’s A-England’s Avalon, a purple polish which is amazingly shiny in the shade. It’s already special like that, but it shows it’s true colours when in bright sunlight. It seems as if this polish consists of really small particles of purple and dark blue, so beautiful! It looks best in 2 layers, then it really covers the nails. You can see what a mean somewhat in the photo above (made with camera flash), a very special effect!

Bottle: Kiko

Fot the tips, I used a blue colour by Max Factor (Candy Blue) and a purple one by Kiko (couldn’t find the name). Very pretty colours, although I did have to use a thick layer of the Kiko polish to make it cover fully. To make these tips, I just made one stroke on the tip with one colour, waited for it to dry and then did the same on the other side with the other colour. Rather vague explanation, but hopefully you see what you mean in the photo’s above 😛

Bottle: A-England – Avalon

The purple ended up being more obvious than the blue, so I added a blue dot on each purple part. For that, I used a dotting tool and Candy Blue. After a layer of topcoat, the mani is done. Very simple and quick, but I like the effect 🙂

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