Nail art: Fairytale nails

A little while ago, I went to the Efteling (an amazing Dutch attraction park with a fairytale theme), and of course my nails had to suit the occasion! So I made these fairytale nails, in bright colours and with fairytale themed object painted on them 🙂

Bottle: New York Color – Lexington Yellow

I wanted a bright base colour, so I started out with two layers of NYC’s Lexington Yellow. I can remember the time this polish used to be easy to apply, though a bit thin like most NYC polishes. But I’m afraid my two years old bottle is starting to get a bit too old. Despite being a little bit dried out and therefore more difficult to apply, I still really like the colour!

Bottle: Max Factor – Candy Blue

Then I made a slightly sloppy ombre look with Lexington Yellow and a nail polish by Max Factor named Candy Blue. I simply used a small sponge for that, and dabbed it onto the nails. One layer of sponging was enough, Candy Blue covers really well.

As usual, I used acrylic paint for the images on the nails. Because I wanted to keep the theme light and fairytale-like, I painted the base shapes in white. I used two layer for that, on the photo you can see the first layer. And then I added the colours over that.

The thumb has a fairytale castle, the ringfinger has an apple, the middle finger has a crown, the ringfinger has a unicorn (no, it’s not a smurf that got ran over by a car. I just kinda failed at this one 😛 ) and the pinkie finger has a magic wand.

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