NOTD: Purple scented

Amongst the new stuff Essence has added to their collection, are a few new pastel coloured nail polishes with 6 benefits! They promise to strengthen the nail, protect it, fill up ridges, dry fast, to have a nice scent and to have a glossy finish. Of course I was curious how much they’d manage to keep up to that promise, so I bought one. The purple version with the name ‘Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch’.

Bottle: Essence – Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch

Above, you can see the polish in two layers. For the accent nail I used a darker purple with glitters, which also happens to be scented. That one is by Revlon and is called ‘Grape Fizz’. It smells, unsurprisingly, like grapes.

I have to admit I was hoping for a covering finish with the Essence polish. I don’t really see much of the colour on the nails, it looks rather like a sheer white polish. Since the above nails had 2 layers, I don’t think it’s possible to really have an opaque colour unless it’s used on top of another polish. It does, however, dry fast and has a very nice glossy finish. So it’s definitely useful for a natural look.

I really love the the scent. It’s rather weak though, and only noticeable when actually sniffing the nail. In comparison; the Revlon polish is very noticeably while applying it, and stays noticeable when I wave my hands past my face. However, the Essence polish does have a very sweet smell, reminding me of fruit and candy.

Bottle: Revlon – Grape Fizz

On the tips, I added two layers of Grape Fizz to give them some more protection. I nearly broke the nail of my middle finger, so I have fixed it with a piece of a tissue and basecoat (layer of basecoat, thin layer of a tissue and another layer of basecoat). Otherwise I would have had to shorten my nails, and I don’t want to 😛

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