Nail art: Easy Spring nails

I had seen this new Essence polish on some other blogs (mostly Dutch ones for some reason); a polish named ‘Over the Rainbow’. A cute name, and it looked like a very pretty polish! So when there was a sale at my favorite drugstore (2 Essence polishes for €3, I think it was), this was one of the two I chose.

Bottle: Essence – Over the Rainbow

So beautiful! Sky blue and with lost of shimmers, Perfect for spring and summer. However, I can see possibilities for autumn and winter nails arts too. It really is one of those special colours I don’t see that often. Also, it covers well in two layers, and is easy to use. I hope this one will continue being sold for a long time!

Bottle: NYC – Lexington Yellow

Because the Essence polish is sky blue, I thought it’d be suitable to paint some suns on the nails too. That’s an easy thing to make, so I used nail polish for that instead of acrylic paint. The colour Lexington Yellow by New York Color is perfect for that, a bright yellow cream polish. I made the suns by putting a large dot on the nail, and then using a really small dotting tool to drag out the edges to create sunbeams.

After that (on the photo below) I added flower nail stickers on some of the nails. I think I once bought them at the same drugstore I bought the nail polishes (Kruidvat), but they’ve been laying around for years so I’m not sure. Either way, they still work fine 😉 On the empty nails and all the tips I added a thin layer of China Glaze’s Fairy Dust, for some subtle glitter.

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2 Responses to Nail art: Easy Spring nails

  1. Leuk gedaan! En mooie kleur lak van Essence!

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