NOTD: Nude Tiger

This time I wanted to do a NOTD on a nude coloured base. I actually didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do, so I just started out with a nude colour. Then I felt like adding some stripes in silver and gold, so I did. And then I wanted some studs on them too. And that’s how this Nude Tiger NOTD came to be 😛

Bottle: Misa – Pretty

For the base colour, I used Pretty by Misa. Which is indeed a pretty colour, which covers the nail completely in 2 layers. This nail polish is easy to apply and has a very nice shiny finish. The only downside is, that it does dry a bit slowly. So on me, it never dries in a perfect shape… I’m just not careful enough to manage that 😛

Bottle: Essence – Icy Princess

Bottle: NYC – Backstreet Brown

Using a stiper brush (from a set I got from Ebay), I painted the stripes. On a nude polish, you can get away with basically any colour. I wanted to do gold/bronze and silver, and luckily I have some perfect polishes for that. Both cover well enough to only need one stripe to be clearly visible. The silver colour is Essence’s Icy Princess, the gold/bronze one is NYC’s Backstreet Brown. Both polishes are at least a year old, but still apply perfectly. And to finish it off, I added a gold stud on each nail (three on the thumb nail).

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