Nail art: Easter 2014!

Next weekend, it’ll be Easter! So for this Friday, I’ve made a nail art for that occasion.  Involving bunnies, chicks and bright colours! It’s not a very easy nail art, it does take a bit of an effort to make the figures look recognizable, but it’s very fun to do. Especially with the nice weather outside, which provides the exact right mood for an Easter nail art 🙂

Bottle: Essence – Over the Rainbow

As a base colour, I wanted a nail polish that could represent the blue sky, but with something extra. Moreover, I like the combination of shimmery nail polish with acrylic paint. The choice was easy; I went for Over the Rainbow by Essence. A beautiful soft sky blue nail polish with tiny blue-green shimmers. Pretty in the shadows, completely amazing in direct sunlight! This one is a rather new Essence nail polish, so it’s definitely still available in stores.

As expected of an Essence polish, Over the Rainbow has a good formula. Also, the brush is white and nicely rounded, which makes sure that applying the product goes smoothly. It does need 3 layers to cover completely, but you could get away with 2 layers due to the shimmers. I used only 2.

As soon as the base layers had dried, I started painting on the figures. First as white blobs, in white acrylic paint. That way, it’s easiest to make the outline. Start small, then add to the outsides until the edges look neat enough. And although it’s usually not very necessary when using a light coloured polish such as Over the Rainbow, it also provides a good colourless base for the other colours that will be used later. That way, you can be sure that the bright colours really end up looking bright, even over a black nail polish.

Let’s colour it in! It’s always more difficult than expected to stay within the outline, but it worked out rather well this time. The bunny ended up brown, the chick yellow and the sun too, of course. The word ‘Pasen’ (which is Easter in Dutch) got coloured in with blue, because I happened to use that colour for the animals’ eyes anyway. The faces on the animals are actually the hardest, so tiny! So don’t be too much of a perfectionist with that, simple eyes and a simple smile are enough. And a small nose for the bunny.

I left it away at first, but I also ended up painting the insides of the bunny’s ears as well as his front paw, and the chick’s with white. That gives it just a little bit more detail.

And to finish it off, I also added some grass. Purposely without an outline or a white base, as it’s supposed to be just a foreground and not to draw the attention away from the figures. All nails have the grass on the tips, except for the pointer finger nail. It’s more on the side on that one, otherwise it would’ve covered the last few letters of the word.

I think it ended up looking happy and spring-like, exactly what I want for Easter! Just add a layer of topcoat, and it’s done 🙂

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4 Responses to Nail art: Easter 2014!

  1. Ah ziet er super schattig uit! 😀

  2. Kairi says:

    The bunny is soo cute 🙂

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