NOTD: Natural and cute

This week, I didn’t have much time to do a NOTD, and moreover I was in a bad mood because they killed off my favourite character in a manga. Which did inspire me to write a post listing the reasons why I hate it when they to that, which I’ll post next Thursday on my other blog.

Anyhow, I did need to have something on my nails, so I went for a natural look with one fun detail. After all, Saturday is the only day I have a job so far, delivering mail. I usually make a NOTD on Wednesday, so my nails do need to get some protection of that 😉

Bottle: Essence – Sugar pie, honey bunch

As a base, I used ‘Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch’, which is a new nail polish by Essence. It’s part of the 6 in 1 collection, which also promises to help protect the nail. I already used it in a NOTD two weeks ago, and this time I liked it just as much. The scent was more noticeable now, though, since it didn’t get overpowered by a Revlon scented polish (as was the case 2 weeks ago). A nice sweet and fruity scent, definitely nice to work with 🙂

Although I think clear polishes look the prettiest on… well, pretty nails, this nail polish does manage to make my nails look better than they actually did. Especially on the middle finger nail, it hid a lot of damage. It cracked and then I fixed it with base coat and a piece of a tissue, but that barely shows after applying two coats of the nail polish. Especially not in daily life, as people don’t usually check out my nails from that close 😛

Also, the tiny shimmers provide the nails with a nice shiny finish, which also helps to hide damage on the nail itself surprisingly well. Finally a clear polish that also looks good on imperfect nails!

Seeing as I wanted to keep it simple, I only added a white bow tie to the mani. I once bought those in a pack of 10 for about €1. And they’re perfect for re-use, so that’s really no money, basically. Just add a drop of topcoat on the nail, push the bow tie on it, and it’s done. The only thing that should be taken notice of, is that they’re too big to lay completely flat on the nail. So it does take some carefulness not to tear them off. On me, they last for a few days usually, which is surprisingly long. In any case, I always think they look cute.

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