Nail art: King’s Day (Dutch holiday) nails

Tomorrow, it’s King’s day here in the Netherlands. It’s a national holiday when people are allowed to sell their old stuff on the streets and people can go to parties. Also, the royal family does old Dutch games, which is fun to watch on TV. Also, it’s an extra day off for me even though it’s in a weekend this year, as I usually work on Saturdays. All in all, a great reason for a nail art 🙂

Bottle: Essence – Flashy Pumpkin

The Dutch national colour is orange, so I wanted to use that colour as a base. As it happens, I only have one orange nail polish with a crème finish, which is Flashy Pumpkin by Essence. I bought that one somewhere around Halloween, but it’s also perfectly suitable for King’s day. As expected from an Essence polish, the nail polish itself is easy to apply, and the brush is comfortable to work with. One thing that does stand out, is how well Flashy Pumpkin covers. One layer is enough to get a nice and almost completely even colour, with two layers it’s absolutely perfect. Due to some current damage on my nails, I used two layers to make them look smooth.

As usual, I started out the figures with two layers of acrylic paint, so the colours will end up nice and bright. On the thumb, I painted a crown (with the aid of Google images), which turned out to be harder than I expected. With some effort (but mainly a lot of luck) it ended up being somewhat symmetrical. I was originally planning on doing the Dutch flag on one single nail, but it would’ve been a really tiny flag then. So I decided to spread it out over two nails instead.

Bottle: Essence – My Fortune Cookie

Then on to the part that is the most fun; colouring it in! The flag was done with acrylic paints, the crown was done with Essence’s My Fortune Cookie. A yellow gold colour just seemed the most suitable. The other two nails did seem very empty in comparison, so I did some dots on them following the same principle as the paintings. Acrylic paint first, then another colour over that. All acrylic colours were done in two layers, the golden nail polish only required one thick layer.

To finish it off, I applied a topcoat, and then they were done! Not a super easy nail art, due to the little crown that turned out to be rather difficult to get right. But also not very difficult. Either way, I think it looks festive, and that’s the most important thing for a King’s Day nail art 😉

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