NOTD: Gold Fever

This week, I wanted to do a red NOTD. And that was basically all the inspiration I had. That’s usually the case when I do a NOTD, so I just begin somewhere and then see how it ends 😉 In any case, I did feel like doing an accent nail. And make some stripes, just to practice. And so on 😛 Below, you can see the result.

Etos – red

Due to the fact that I forgot to take a photo of the nails with only the base colour, here’s a photo of the bottle instead. It does deserve the attention, I think. It’s actually one of those nail polishes I just kept walking by. For months, it had been for sale at Etos, for a mere €1. Yet even though I did once buy a pink Etos polish for that reason, I never picked up this red one. Well, eventually my mom and me (due to a sale, I guess) both got a bottle for free, when I bought two packages of hair dye. Red hair dye, coincidentally. In any case, when I finally got it, I tried it out as soon as possible. As it turns out, it’s actually a very pretty nail polish!

The finish isn’t fully covering, but it does almost cover in two layers. Sort of a jelly finish. In combination with the bright red colour, that makes this a nail polish suitable for any season. Red is always good, of course, but do to the jelly finish it also has a bright and sunny look! The formula is nice, although it’s not as good at staying in it’s place initially. A bit of a clean-up is needed if you want neat cuticles, but I don’t find that too much of an effort.

Bottle: Misa – Pretty

On the accent nail, I used Essence’s ‘Me and my Lover’, one of their Sparkle Sand polishes with that sand-like structure. This one has tiny golden glitters in it, which is how I came up with the (not very original) name for this NOTD. On the other nails, I made stripes. These first ones I made in a nude colour, namely Pretty by Misa. I did have to make them kind of thick, to make sure the bright red colour wouldn’t shine through too much.

Bottle: Essence – My Fortune Cookie

Seeing as the accent nail contains some golden glitters, I wanted to have some gold on the other nails as well. I happen to have two gold polished that would’ve been suitable, both by Essence. One is My Fortune Cookie, the other one is Go Bold. After some time of comparing the two, I decided to go for My Fortune Cookie. Which is a more yellow toned gold, rather than pale gold like Go Bold. However, it’s also more glittery and less opaque, so again I made the striped rather thick. On the pinky finger I only added 3 golden dots.

And finally, I still didn’t think it looked like it all belonged together, so I made French tips with ‘Me and my Lover’. Which also makes some extra protection for the tips, which is always good 😉

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3 Responses to NOTD: Gold Fever

  1. julia says:

    je nagels zien er prachtig uit!

    xx julia

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