Nail art: Braided blue

I’ve seen a lot of braided designs lately, on blogs as well as on Youtube, so I thought I’d try it out too! I did want to use different shades of just one colour, and I happen to have a lot of blue polishes waiting to be used. So I went for 3 blue ones, each with a different finish. One thing to keep in mind for the next time: It’d have been better to use colours that weren’t roughly the same shade, the effect would have been more obvious then 😛

Bottle: NYC – Pier 17

On the accent nail, I used Candy Blue by Max Factor as a base, a nice cream finish polish that covers great. All other nails got done with Pier 17 by NYC. Also a very nice polish, but this one has a shimmery finish. Then I just put smudges of polish from one side to the other, constantly changing between the polishes.

It turned out to be more difficult than expected to make it look neat. Also, it seems to be best to make sure there isn’t too much polish on the brush, otherwise the nail won’t end up even. And it’s not something you’d want to do in a hurry, the last stripe needs to be dry enough before another one can be added.

Bottle: Claire’s – Denim

Bottle: Max Factor – Candy Blue

On the accent nail I made a (not very visible) French tip, using Crystal Beading by Sally Hansen, which is a sheer shimmer polish. Then I used the other 2 blue polishes to make the leopard spots. I used the bottles’ own brushes for that, as it looks best if it doesn’t look too neat and tidy. Topcoat, and then they’re done!

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