Nail art: Thunder nails

This was originally meant to become a NOTD… before I actually started doing these nails 😛 In the end, it became a complete nail art, just because I felt like drawing lightning bolts on my nails. Luckily, this wasn’t inspired by the weather outside 😉

Bottle: Essence – Miss Universe

As a base, I wanted a dark glitter polish. Not very realistic for a thunder sky, but realism wasn’t what I was going for to begin with. I just wanted lightning bolts against a pretty and glittery background. Seeing as most of my glitter polishes are very sheer and/or of a pale colour, there wasn’t much of a choice. I picked Miss Universe by Essence.

Miss Universe is, however, a very pretty nail polish, with its dark green/blue glitters. And it covers very well for such a glitter polish, I’m wearing two layers in the photo above. Another thing I love about it, is how smooth it is when it has dried. Almost like a cream polish, but with glitter.

Bottle: OPI – I Don’t Give a Rotterdam

When the base colour had dried properly, I used a sponge and OPI’s I Don’t Give a Rotterdam to get a cloud-like effect at the base of the nails. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, a few times in the past, I was rather disappointed by this nail polish (€15 for a nail polish that only applies and looks as nice as some €2 brands also do…), but it works fine for this type of work. The glitters also make sure that the clouds blend in well with the background.

After that, I could finally start drawing the lightning bolts! I did those in white acrylic paint, and using a thin and long nail art brush. They’re very easy and fast to make, the most important thing is to not overthink them. If they’re random, they look more natural than if they look too neatly placed. Although it does depend on your tastes what kind of effect you want, of course. To make them look nice and bright, I used two layers of acrylic paint.

Bottle: Essence – Icy Princess

Lighting isn’t completely white, of course. Moreover, I wanted to continue the theme of glitter. So I also applied some nail polish over the acrylic paint, using Icy Princess by Essence. That one covers pretty well, so one layer was enough to make the glitters easily visible. Unfortunately, I did go outside of the lines a bit, so I’ll have to be a bit more careful next time 😛

After applying the silver nail polish, I sponged some more of the OPI polish on the spots where I had already applied it earlier. That way, it covers the base of the lightning bolts ab bit, which looks more natural. Add some topcoat, and they’re done!

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