NOTD: Tape fail

Sometimes, you just don’t have time to properly polish your nails, but (usually that only goes for the right hand on me) they really do need a proper manicure. No more nail polish left on the tips, so they look plain bad. No time to remove the old nail polish, and one colour over it just seems so boring. So what about a tape nail art? Yeah… that’s what I thought too 😉

So today, I’ve got some photos of how that plan failed to work out. Especially on the tips, where it’s all too visible that the lower layers of nail polish don’t continue. Also, the part where the tape just ripped off a piece of nail polish that was already kind of loose 😛

Bottle: Essence – Here’s my Number

Honestly, the nail polishes themselves are not to blame. The base was made up of Essence’s Over the Rainbow with a layer of China Glaze’s Fairy Dust over it. I really like that combination, with the pale duochrome of Over the Rainbow and the holo glitters of Fairy Dust. Essence’s Here’s my Number is also a very nice nail polish, with some holo glitters that make it easy to combine with Fairy Dust. Moreover, it’s a texture polish, so that makes an interesting contrast in a tape nail art.

However, it would have been a lot better to just re-do the complete nails. As the photo’s show, doing it the lazy way didn’t really improve the overall look. At all 😛

Do you ever have such ‘bright’ ideas? And how do they usually work out?

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