Nail art: Ombre blue skittle nails

What is the best solution if you can’t choose between dark or light nails? Very simple, just do both! At least, that’s what I did for this week’s nail art πŸ˜‰ I picked 5 different nail polishes. And since I also couldn’t choose what I wanted to paint on them, that also became rather random πŸ˜› I always like how chaotic and yet complete skittle nails look, and a fun look was the only goal πŸ™‚

The nail polishes I used are, from thumb to pinkie finger: China Glaze’s Liquid Leather, Max Factor’s Candy Blue, Essence’s Let’s Get Lost and That’s What I Mint! and a nameless white one by Max. All these polishes cover perfectly in two layers, although the white one is somewhat less easy to apply than the others. In terms of brushes, Essence is still my favourite, I just get the best results when using a wide brush.

The result of this combo is a sort of ombre blue look, but with white and black as extremes. That’s mostly because I don’t have that many polishes with a cream finish, most of them have glitter or some other effect. I tend to buy those the most, to then be unable to find the perfect cream polish in my stash πŸ˜› Ah well, another reason to buy more nail polish…

As said, I did a different design per nail. The thumbnail has stripes, then there’s a nail with leopard print, followed by one with swirls, then one with with flocking powder and the last one has dots. That way, it becomes a rather random manicure. But due to using only the five polishes I started out with, it does become a whole. Eacht colour is present on multiple nails, and that’s actually what I like about it the most.

The dots and the leopard print are the easiest ones, just use a dotting tool (or a hair pin) to make them. The flocking powder (bought on Ebay) isn’t difficult to use either. Just paint a nail, then immediately press it into a jar of flocking powder. Make sure the stuff is really pressed into the nail polish, then carefully brush away the rest with a soft brush.

The most difficult design were the swirls. It’s kinda hard to get the stripes to look neat, but the swirls have to look both neat and swirly! I still have to practice a bit, but at least they look better than they did when I had just started trying to do nail art πŸ™‚

Finish it off with topcoat, and the manicure is done! Important; don’t put topcoat over the flocking powder. Otherwise it won’t be soft fur any more, but a failed texture nail instead πŸ˜‰

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6 Responses to Nail art: Ombre blue skittle nails

  1. ohkansascity says:

    I love them! I think my favorite is the swirls. What is your secret!?

  2. I love the finished look. The fuzzy nail is too cute!

  3. Oh this is such a FUN mani!

    All those designs together, complemented but The Fuzz give off a real 1960s vibe for me!

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