NOTD: Glittery Pink

This time, I wanted something cute on my nails. Something with a pale colour and glitter. Simply because I still had two videos to edit (for my other blog), and didn’t feel like having to very carefully paint my nails in a bright or dark colour. Pale colours just seem easier to get to look neat, if only because it’s less obvious if the cuticles don’t look perfect.

I don’t really use real glitter that often because it’s annoying to remove, so I thought it’d be nice to wear some again. After all, it’s finally becoming spring weather here, and glitters look beautiful in the sun.

Bottle: Essence – Free Hugs

First, I needed a base colour. And again, I realized I don’t have enough nail polishes with a cream finish. Luckily, I came across one in a soft pastel pink shade, that even has a cute name: ‘Free Hugs’. I bought this one last spring, so it’s not the youngest any more but it still works perfectly. I did notice that it doesn’t cover completely in two layers, 3 would be better for that. I just kept it at 2, seeing as I was going to add more on top of it anyway.

Bottle: Essence – Party Princess

The first glitter polish I used for this NOTD was Party Princess, a glitter polish by Essence. This one has silver and holographic glitters in a sheer pink base. That little bit of colour happens to be just enough to make the base colour look completely even, and the glitters end up nicely on the nails without being clumped together. I actually really like this one, so I should probably use it more often.

Bottle: Essence – Hello Holo

To add something extra, I grabbed a second glitter polish. Another one by Essence, this one is called ‘Hello Holo’. It’s part of the Special Effect! collection. It’s a holo glitter nail polish, the glitters are a little bit bigger than the ones in Party Princess and there’s more of them. This one has a regular clear base. On the ring finger nails I added a full layer of Hello Holo, the other nails mainly got it on the tips.

This nail polish, just like the others, is easy to apply. However, you might need to go over some spots twice to get the amount of glitter to be even all over. That’s pretty standard, though, for a nail polish with this much glitter, so it doesn’t bother me.

The finished NOTD is pretty neutral in terms of colour, but even the smalles amount of light makes the holo glitters do their jobs. In the shade, they mainly show colours, in the sun they’re at their best. I usually don’t go for ‘cute’ colours, but I’ll definitely use the combination of pastel pink and glitter again this spring!

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7 Responses to NOTD: Glittery Pink

  1. Heel leuk gedaan, lekker zomers! 🙂

  2. I don’t like pinks on me, at all, but this looks nice with your skin tone. And it reminds me of a layered tutu ; ))

  3. Vee says:

    Hi Fairytale, I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award. I hope you’ll accept!!! I’ve attached the link for you 🙂

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