Nail art: Candy cane nails

I think it’s pretty clear what these nails were inspired by: candy canes! A little while ago, I bought a glass jar full of rainbow coloured candy canes (which I wrote about on my other blog here). Later, I bought another one. Both jars are standing on my desk as decoration (and because I like candy).

Anyway, I usually don’t think of what I’m going to paint on my nails until I actually go paint them. This time, I looked at the bright colours of the candy canes. There are multiple versions in the jar now, pink, pink and blue and rainbow coloured ones. Those last ones seem perfect for a nail art, and not too difficult to paint!

Bottle: Essence – Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch

The base colour for this nail art doesn’t really matter, most of the nails will be covered in acrylic paint anyway. I do recommend, just to make it easier for yourself, to use a pale colour. That way, the acrylic paint will cover better. White is an option, but I’ve almost run out of white nail polish. A very pale and sheer nail polish also works really well, and seems to look more realistic for candy canes.

I went for ‘Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch’, which is one of the Nail Candies polishes by Essence. Very suitable, isn’t it? And it also has a very sweet and candy-like scent. It’s a very pale shade of purple and extremely sheer, it only makes my nails a bit paler. The most important thing is, that the nail polish protects the nails and that it creates a nice and even base for the acrylic paints.

Making the pattern is very easy, in the photo above you can see how I did it. Just paint one colour per time (in two layers) and then add the next on each nail. The white stripes can be added all the way at the end in one thicker layer. And it doesn’t have to be extremely neat, I personally like it best if it looks realistic.

I just kept to the colour and pattern of the real candy canes (you can see one of them in the photo below), but you can use any colours you like. The way I did it, the nails do look very bright and obvious, so it’s not really suitable for most office jobs (depending on where you work, of course). Multiple shades of one single colour, or just two different colours would look nice too. And it’d be a lot easier to combine with the rest of your outfit. But I wanted to go all the way, so I liked the bright rainbow colours best 😉

Don’t forget to apply topcoat, otherwise the acrylic paint won’t be resistant against water! Also, the topcoat makes the paint look more even, and it’ll make it way more shiny 🙂

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