NOTD: Pale blue

Although I don’t buy them very often, probably because I don’t go to the drugstore that sells them that often, I do like Miss Sporty nail polishes. That’s mostly a case of nostalgia, some of my very first nail polishes as a child were by Miss Sporty. I don’t think Essence and Catrice were sold here yet, and Miss Sporty was cheap and trendy. I gotta say that the brand did improve since then. The nail polish bottles, though, barely changed in all those years, besides the improvement to a wider brush. And I count that as a good thing, as I really like how the bottles look.

When I was at the local shopping mall a little while ago, I remembered I still needed to buy a back-up of my daily mascara. It’s nowhere near empty yet, but I’m always paranoid that it’ll suddenly go empty without any warning 😛 That mascara happens to be the Fabulous lash mascara by Miss Sporty, so I decided to buy some polishes too. Some of you might have read in earlier posts that I really don’t have many nail polishes with a cream finish, so I went for a peach coloured one and a pastel blue one. The peach one will be featured in another post (probably next week), but I used the blue one this week for a NOTD 🙂

Bottle: Miss Sporty – 4032

Unfortunately, the quality of the Miss Sporty polishes is nowhere near that of Essence or Catrice. They don’t cover perfectly in two layers, and they don’t look completely smooth either. Damage on the nail stays very visible because of that. I do like the colour, though, and the smoothness might be fixed by using a good topcoat.

The brush is very easy to use, by the way, even though the nail polish itself is slightly too thin to get to look completely neat. For the photo above, I did a clean-up with a nail art brush and polish remover, to get a neat border between the nail polish and the cuticle. This nail polish doesn’t dry very fast, but it doesn’t dry that slowly either.

Bottle: Color Club – LuminICEnt

To make the look a bit more interesting (okay, and because I couldn’t think of anything better), I added a stripe in the centre of each nail. For that, I used LuminICEnt by Color Club. An icy blue foil polish, which really looks like fluid metal. The Color Club polishes have rather thin brushes, so I simply used the bottle’s own brush for that. In the middle of each stripe, I made some dots using a dotting tool and the pastel blue Miss Sporty polish (which, by the way, doesn’t have a name). Then a layer of topcoat, and it’s done!

The final result is easiest to describe as blue and icy, but I do think it looks nice and fresh for springtime 🙂

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  1. Nice and fresh indeed!

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