Nail art: Red and orange tape nails

For a tape nail art, patience is needed. At least enough to give the nail polish proper time to dry, otherwise the tape will just end up dragging it off the nails. However, patience isn’t something I have. At all 😛 Yet I do really like the neat, professional look of tape nail arts. So I decided to try it out anyway, just to give it a chance.

Bottle: Essence – Flashy Pumpkin

As a base, I wanted a nail polish that would cover really well, so one layer would be enough for the base. And I wanted to keep the colours somewhat classical, such as red. I chose Flashy Pumpkin by Essence, because it covers great and has a beautiful deep orange colour. Moreover, Essence polishes dry fast.

Still, having to wait for so long annoyed me, so I only managed to wait for about 10 minutes or so…

Bottle: Essence – My and my Lover

Okay, it didn’t end up being completely neat. But I was planning on using a striper later anyway. For the dark red parts, I used Essence’s ‘Me and my Lover’, one of their Sparkle Sand polishes. That one has texture, and I liked the contrast that gave with the base colour. Moreover, it covers really well. So I didn’t have to use a very thick layer to get the colour to be well visible.

By the way, I do recommend (if you also just use regular tape), to stick the tape to a piece of fabric a few times first. Jeans, a chair, whatever. That way, it’ll be less sticky and have less of a chance to ruin the base colour.

Bottle: Color Club – Cloud Nine

To get the border between the two colours more neat, I added a line using Cloud Nine. A very pretty holo polish by Color Club. The pink stands out nicely, which makes the overall look stand out more than if it had only contained red and orange. To make everything a bit more interesting, I also added two vertical lines.

For all the lines, I used a striper brush which came from a nail art set I only bought via Ebay. The tip is about 2cm long. Strangely enough, I can draw straighter lines with that than with a short brush, even though I feared at first that it gave less control. But the length actually makes it easier to make a neat line.

Bottle: Essence – Redvolution

I also added some red dots, using a dotting tool that I also got off Ebay, and the colour Redvolution by Essence. The dots are between the two vertical lines, but unfortunately they’re barely even visible against the deep orange of Flashy Pumpkin. Still, despite how subtle they are, I do think they add something. They somehow make the overall design seem more completely. Next time, however, I would use a darker red.

Bottle: Essence – Gel look top coat

Despite the fact that it does lessen the Sparkle Sand effect of the dark red polish somewhat, I did add a layer of topcoat. That way, the nail art will last longer. After all, the base colour was done in one layer, so it can use a bit of extra strength 😉

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