NOTD: Peach coloured spring nails

On the weekend that I made this NOTD, the weather was wonderful. Which makes a nice time to enjoy the sun and go skating, and afterwards I made a suitable NOTD. I happened to already had planned to use a nice peach colour by Miss Sporty, which I bought a little while ago. So that was a nice timing. I decided to keep the NOTD simple, but in a way that would look nice in the bright sunlight.

Bottle: Miss Sporty – 4033

Unlike usual, I used three layers this time, instead of just two. Most polishes by Miss Sporty just don’t look good enough in two layers, not smooth enough and they don’t cover completely. Seeing as I usually make a nail art over it, I don’t want to use more than two layers for the base colour. Otherwise, the drying time would be very long. But because I only wanted to do a very simple look this time, I did use three layers.

As expected, this nail polish is indeed a lot prettier in three layers. It doesn’t become fully even, but looks nice nonetheless. Moreover, I really love this colour for spring and summer! Very bright and trendy, and it makes my hands look more tanned than they actually are. Which is very nice, I’ll definitely be using this nail polish a lot!

Glitters and rhinestones are, of course, beautiful in the sun! So I used those to complete this NOTD. I got the rhinestones from someone who lives in France, the loose glitters are from a set I got from Ebay. If you want a more classy look, I’d leave out the glitters. However, I think they make this look very festive and fun 🙂

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