Nail art: Tropical blue/purple/pink

Last week’s eyelook (on Wednesday) was inspired by the same maxi-dress as today’s nail art. The main colours of that dress are deep purple and pink, with some plant-like details in blue. Tropical hues and shapes, beautiful deep colours and a clear glow. Sounds perfect for the second half of spring and of course for summer! I’ve had a lot of fun translating the dress to a nail art, and I hope you’ll like it 🙂

Bottle: Miss Sporty – (nameless)

In terms of nail polishes, I had to think about which ones to use. The dress has a sort of purple and pink ombre, so a background of those colours would be perfect. But I did also want the shininess to translate well to the nails. After some searching through my stash, I found the perfect combination: a base layer of a nameless purple polish by Miss Sporty, with an ombre of Essence’s Free Hugs and China Glaze’s Reggae to Riches on top of that.

The China Glaze polish has the exact type of shininess that I’m looking for, and it’s also a duochrome of purple and dark pink. However, it’s also kinda sheer. So it’s best to put the purple Miss Sporty polish underneath it, to make it more purple.

As usual, the first layer of the Miss Sporty polish looked rather awful, but the second layer made it look very nice. Time to add the ombre effect!

Bottle: China Glaze – Reggae to Riches

On a makeup sponge, I first added a stripe of Reggae to Riches, then a stripe of Free Hugs underneath that. And lastly I added another stripe of Reggae to Riches at the bottom, because the dress also goes from purple to pink and back to purple. Then it’s just a matter of dabbing the sponge on the nails one by one. If it doesn’t give off enough nail polish any more, just apply some more polish to the sponge. For this look, I only used one layer, but you could use 2 if you want a more covering look.

The most time consuming part of this look is definitely the clean up… To cover the whole nail, there’s no other choice but to touch the skin around it too. I used a q-tip and some nail polish remover for the worst stains, and a small nail art brush for the cuticles themselves. It takes some effort, but the result is definitely worth it!

Bottle: China Glaze – Sexy in the City

Bottle: Essence – That’s What I Mint

Seeing as the blue nail polish also had to mirror the shine of the dress, I chose to use Sexy in the City, another one by China Glaze. This one is a duochrome in blue and turqoise, and just like Reggae to Riches it’s kinda sheer. That’s why I used acrylic paint first, to make sure the blue colour would stand out properly. To keep to the tropical theme, I went for a simple pattern of leafs and flowers. A single layer of paint is enough, I wanted it to sort of blend in with the background rather than to have it looking too bright.

After that, I added two layers of Sexy in the City onto each leaf and flower, to get the colour to be dark and even enough. To finish of the look, I also added a mint colour to the base of each leaf and the heart of each flower. For that, I used That’s What I Mint by Essence. Finish it off with a layer of topcoat, and the manicure is done!

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