NOTD: Purple French tip with some glitter

(oops, just found this post in my concept folder and realized I forgot to ever post it. I wrote it back in April… So here it is now 😉 )

I haven’t made any French tip manis in a while (okay, the last one was not that long ago, but still 😛 ), so I thought it’d be fun to do one again. I didn’t feel like doing a classic white one, though. And when I don’t really have any specific colour in mind, I usually go for purple. Which is my favourite colour 🙂

Bottle: Essence – Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch

For a nude base (or in this case, a sheer one) I used Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch. Which is part of the Nail Candies collection by Essence. Pale sheer nail polishes that should (amongst other things) protect and strengthen the nails. Also, they’re scented. Sadly, two layers of topcoat hides that completely, but it’s still noticeable with only one layer.

By the way, this is as neat as my nails can be, I’m just not careful enough with them. Which is why I never only use a sheer polish, but always put something over it 😉

Bottle: Kiko – 331

For the French tips, I used a purple polish by Kiko, which only has a number instead of an actual name. It might be just me, but I always feel like a nails polish (or blush, or eyeshadow) has more ‘character’ if it has a real name.

There’s not much wrong with the nail polish itself, though. It covers pretty nicely, two layers was enough for this French mani, and the cream finish always looks good. One downside, though, is that it isn’t very strong. So the mani does get damaged rather easily. I do love the colour, it’s a soft pale lavender purple. Perfect for this time of the year, and I always like pastel colours in a French manicure. By the way, I just used the brush that belongs with the nail polish to make the tips.

Originally, I had meant to keep it at that. But as you can see in the photo below, I just could resist adding something else. This time, I went for large glitters I once bought at a budget store. They don’t always stick to the nails that well, despite a layer of topcoat underneath and on top of them, but they do look very nice and glittery in sunlight.

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