Nail art: Ombre flower field

A little while ago, they had a bunch of Sally Hansen nail polishes at a local budget store, for only €1,99 per polish. And of course, I couldn’t let that opportunity pass! Despite the fact that it was raining, I bought 3 polishes that seemed suitable for summer. Two of those have a crème finish, a white one and a green one. Those will be featured in today’s post. The third one is a pink glitter polish, which will surely come by in a future post 🙂

Bottle: Sally Hansen – White Tip

For the base colour, I used the white polish. This one is part of the ‘Hard as Nails’ line by Sally Hansen, and is called ‘White Tip’. It’s actually meant to make French manicures with, but it can also be used on the entire nail. White polishes do have the tendency to be hard to apply and not look completely neat. This one is surprisingly easy to work with! I do recommend using thicker layers, otherwise it can be hard to apply neatly.

On the photo above, I used two layers. Seeing as I’m going to put a ombre look over it anyway, it seemed enough. If you’re using this polish on its own, I’d recommend using 3 layers to make it look beautiful. Due to the thin brush, suitable mainly for making French tips, it’s also advisable to do a clean-up afterwards.

Bottle: Sally Hansen – Green With Envy

Using a makeup sponge and the green nail polish, I made the ombre effect. The green polish is part of the Xtreme Wear line and has the name ‘Green With Envy’. It’s a beautiful pastel green colour, which I think would cover really well when used normally. Only one layer of sponging was needed to make it well visible, but I used two to make it a bit more even.

Also, I did the green colour on the tips so that I’d have to do less of a clean-up. After all, the white polish was only on the sponge to blend the green one, so I didn’t have to sponge the start of the nails.

The flowers were made with a dotting tool and 4 different nail polishes. The yellow one is by NYC, the other ones are by Essence. Nothing complicated, just dots. Then I used rhinestones to make sort of a flower in the same colours on the accent nail. The rhinestones were bought at Ebay, by the way, in a box of 12 colours. Then add a topcoat, and the mani is done!

Bottle: Essence Gel-look top coat

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1 Response to Nail art: Ombre flower field

  1. Jewel-Nails says:

    Oh wat leuk gedaan! Heel erg zomers en leuk die glitters 🙂

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