Nail art: Def Leppard

The name probably already makes clear what this nail art was based on; Def Leppard! Their music is awesome, and I happened to be listening to it while trying to think of something to paint on my nails. So I did some Def Leppard nail art, of course made while listening to their music. Loudly 😛

Some suggested listening: Their Pyromania album is awesome, especially Too Late For Love, Photograph and Comin Under Fire. Their songs Love Bites and White Lightning are also amazing!

As a base colour, I used one of the nail polishes I recently bought of the brand Sinful Polish. So one I hadn’t used yet. To make it fit the theme, I did pick the darkest one in that category, which was Rise & Shine. A deep green colour with barely visible shimmers in it. Very beautiful! It’s supposed to be a matte colour, but it can be called satin at most. I don’t mind it, though, because I actually prefer it shiny!

It covers perfectly in one single layer, and I kept it at only one indeed (as seen in the photo above). Any bumps are damages on my nails, the nail polish itself is perfectly smooth when applied.

On the tips I used a glitter polish called Hottie, also by Sinful Colors. Just to make it a bit more sparkly, kinda inspired by stage lights at a rock concert. This nail polish has an almost clear base with a hint of blue to it, and blue and silver glitters. I love it!

The most difficult part of this nail art is the name/logo of the band… It’s not exactly short after all, and the font also has to be right. I ended up just starting on the pointer finger nail and continue from there. So now it covers three nails. For that, I used acrylic paint, as it’s easy to work with and easy to remove if a mistake is made. It didn’t turn out completely perfect, but it does look a lot better that I’d expected!

Usually, the name is printed in yellow on album covers, so I started out with 2 layers of white followed by a layer of yellow. Okay, officially there’s also red lining around the letters, but there’s a limit to how small I can draw… or so I thought. I decided to try anyway, and it worked out pretty well!

For the English flag on the thumb nail, I started out with a white polish by Sally Hansen named White Tip. And the flag itself was made in acrylic paint. This time, I only used one single layer of each colour, to keep it a bit less neat. Which seems to fit better with a nail art inspired by a rock band. By the way, it really helps to keep a picture of the flag and band name around for this nail art!

I finished it off with a layer of topcoat to prevent the acrylic paint from washing off, and then it’s done!

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2 Responses to Nail art: Def Leppard

  1. These are great! 🙂 Very nice. I danced with the cutest boy in school at the sixth grade dance to Love Bites. He wore a Vision Street Wear t-shirt, I wore a heart-patterned sweater dress and we stood three feet apart while trying to ignore the fact that that song is ALL about sex.

    • fairy666tale says:

      That’s so cool, when I was that age it was all hip-hop music and rap at school dances. I’d wish Def Leppard and other bands like them had still been ‘in fashion’ at that time 🙂

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