Nail art: Funny French tips

This time, I wanted to do a simple yet fun nail art, using fresh and light colours. And also some neon, just because it’s almost summertime 🙂 Moreover, my nails are actually kinda long right now, and I always love French tips on long nails. It really shows off the length.

To start out with a nice and colourful base, I applied two layers of G11-5 by Yes Love. A very pretty sheer pink nail polish with different sizes of neon glitters in it. Actually, the only not nice thing about it, is that it only has a code, rather than an actual name.

This nail polish is very easy to use, stays in place while it’s being applied and dried relatively fast. Which also makes it a great nail polish to bring on vacation, also due to the fact that it already looks fun on its own too 🙂

Then on to the French tips. This time, I went for regular white tips with the polish White Tip by Sally Hansen. Which, unsurprisingly, is actually meant to be used for making white tips, so it has a nice and narrow brush that makes it easy to use for that. Well, easier than other polishes, that is. Trying to get a nice edge between the base and the tip still takes some time and effort, of course 😉

Tot slot heb ik nog wat gekleurde stippen aangebracht op de tips, met een dotting tool en wat vrolijke nagellakjes. Omdat de glitters in het basislakje ook van verschillende groottes zijn, leek het me leuk om hetzelfde te doen met de stippen op de tips. En dan nog een laagje topcoat, en de nail art is klaar!

To complete the look, I added some coloured dots on the tips, using a dotting tool and some nice nail polish colours. Seeing as the glitters in the base polish are of different sizes, I thought it’d be fun to also do that with the dots on the tips. Then add some topcoat, and the nail art is done!

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1 Response to Nail art: Funny French tips

  1. Jewel-Nails says:

    Heel leuk gedaan! Vind dat lakje van YES Love zo mooi, en lekker zomers!

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