Swatches: Yes Love G11-5 and G11-6

I don’t really post swatches anymore, usually I’ll just show nail polishes when doing a NOTD or Nail art featuring them. But every once in a while I come across a nail polish that’s actually just prettiest without any additions, and these two polishes by Yes Love are an example of that.

I’ve seen them on some other blogs (also in other colours), and I liked them immediately. Moreover, they’re pretty cheap (€2 through Yes Love’s own website, excluding shipping costs). They have a whole selection of polishes with neon glitters, and I don’t see those a lot! Especially not for such a low price, so I immediately ordered 2 to try them out.

As you can see above (yes, I had some fun with shapes in Photoshop 😛 ), both polishes have a coloured base and neon glitters in different sizes. The yellow one seems to have a slightly better coverage than the pink one, while the pink one appears to have more diversity in terms of glitter sizes. I like the looks of both of them, very nice for summer. The bottles themselves look nice too, with their silver caps. I usually prefer black, but in this case it seems to suit the polishes.

The only downside I can think of, is that these don’t have names. At least, I don’t count G11-5 and G11-6 as actual names.

In one single layer, these polishes would be better als a topcoat over another polish. The glitters look great, but the colour doesn’t exactly cover well. At the second layer, that’s already a lot better. Especially with the yellow one. And 3 layers makes them look amazing! It’s not very visible in the photo, but there is some visible nail line left, which I like in summer.

Moreover, it gives the glitter more depth. The bottom glitters are still somewhat visible through the nail polish, which creates 3 levels of glitters. And that makes a nice 3D effect.

The nail polishes are also easy to use. Not too think and not too thin. Also, the glitters are very easy to apply without having to do anything extra for it. Just apply them like you would any other polish, and they’ll give a nice amount of glitter to the nails. The brush is very nice too, it spreads out well and makes it easier to work neatly. I didn’t do a cleanup for any of these photos, as it wasn’t needed.

Yes, I love these polishes! Especially for summertime, they look fresh and fun 😀

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