Nail art: Island flowers

This week, I wanted to a nail art that’s really suitable for summer. And it also had to go well with one of the polishes from my ‘yet to try’ stash 😛 I went for a really pretty coral colour, with the outlines of tropical flowers on it.

The colour that I used as a base is Island Coral by Sinful Colors. As the name states, this is a nice coral colour, perfect for summer. It’s a bit thinner than the Sinful Colors polishes I’ve used so far, but it’s still good to work with. The brush is very nice too, it spreads out well and applies an even layer. This nail polish covers perfectly in 3 layers, but looks almost perfect in 2. For the photo’s, I only used 2.

Coral colours are actually amongst my favourite colours each summer. They’re nice and soft, yet more bright than pastel toned colours.

Then I started working on the flowers, simply in white. I used acrylic paint and a thin liner brush for that, though I was tempted to just use nail art stickers. However, I prefer to keep those for when I’m in a hurry, so I decided to go for paint instead. The stickers would look more neat, though 😉 I don’t draw flowers that often, so it took a bit of effort to produce a decent looking one.

As it turned out, it’s easier to just to sort of a sketch of a flower, one per nail. I used two layers of paint for that, as you can see above. And then I added a rhinestone to each flower. Any colour would look good, but I went for yellow because I like that in combination with coral. Finish it off with a topcoat, and this mani is done!

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