NOTD: Pale blue

This time, I wanted to a simple and quick NOTD with a nice and fresh colour. I did these the same day that I dyed my hair, so that’s why it had to be quick 😉 Also, my nails were in a remarkably good condition (no damage to the surface), and that makes nails polishes look way better, so I didn’t want to cover it too much. There’s not really much more to say about the inspiration for this NOTD, so let’s move on to the nail polish I used!

The only nail polish I used for this NOTD is Cinderella by Sinful Colors. Which is one of the 9 nail polishes I recently purchased. A very pretty pale blue with very tiny warm orange flakes in it. A strange combination, but it looks beautiful! That pale sky blue with that warm orange sparkle to it… It really makes me think of fairy tales, which I of course always love 😉

Cinderella is rather sheer, so it’d also be perfect to use over another nail polish. However, it is very easy to built up, and covers right about perfect in 3 layers! The formula is also nice, not too think and not too thin. And the brush is very easy to work with. I didn’t need to do a clean up, although it also helped that it’s a light colour.

Too keep it nice and simple, I only added a nail art sticker to the accent nail. It’s a white one with a few blue glitters on it. It does stand out surprisingl well against the light background, even from a distance. And I think the elegant yet girly design of the sticker complements the nail polish and makes it look even better. Seeing as I was going to take it off two days later anyway (working ahead due to vacation 😉 ), I didn’t add a topcoat. Still the nail polish lasted very well, even while I was working!

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