Nail art: Purple/green French tips

This nail art was mainly caused by my laptop refusing to cooperate. It was being so damn slow that I got impatient, so I ended up spending more time on this nail art than I had originally meant to. What started out as a French tip, ended up being some gold striped creation 😛 Seeing as I was also trying out a new recipe in the meantime, the nail art didn’t even last long enough to be photographed without damage 😛 Ah well, they still looked pretty nice from a distance 😉

I used Berry Potter & Plumbeldore as a base colour, which is a douchrome nail polish by Catrice. Mainly purple, but it has a very pretty green glow in the right light. I really like this nail polish, although I’ll probably save it for autumn. It makes me think of grape bushes.

The nail polish could’ve been a bit thinner, but it was still good to work with. The brush seems a bit pointy at first sight, yet it turned out to be easy to handle.

Then on to the French tips. Since I used a purple/green duochrome nail polish as a base, it seemed like fun to use green for the tips. I decided to use Pistache, which is a nail polish by Sinful Colors. It covers well, but I did need to use 2 layers because the base colour was so dark. The Sinful Colors brush works perfectly to make French tips with, although the tips didn’t turn out as neat as I had meant them to.

At first to make it look more neat, then just to add more detail, I then grabbed a thin striper brush and a gold nail polish. Go Bold by Essence is always very useful for that, because it covers very well. I started out with marking the tips, then I added a random pattern on the purple part. I didn’t use a topcoat, because I didn’t have time for that.

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