Review/Nail art: Fantasy beach (using Born Pretty Store Leaf Pattern rhinestones)

This week, I have another review for you of a Born Pretty Store product! Last week, I reviewed some water decals, this time it’s rhinestones. Not regular rhinestones, but rhinestones with a special shape. Born Pretty store has multiple versions of rhinestones, and I chose the Leave pattern rhinestones. Which I think look like shells, so that’s how I used them in this nail art 😉

Of course I needed a base colour which could pass for sand coloured for this fantasy beach. And I decided to use Essence’s Cookie Love for that. That nail polish has been in my stash for about 2 years already, so it’s kinda starting to get old. I might try nail polish thinner on it sometime soon, but for now I just used it as it is. Which is still pretty workable.

Cookie Love is a nice brown colour (somewhat like wet sand, but more warm and clear) and has small golden glitters. Perfect for a fantasy beach! It really makes me think of one of those warm shimmery dream beaches from movies. It covers in two layers, which is how I used it for this nail art.

Using acrylic paint, I painted some shells and starfish. First, I applied two layers of white. Then I painted the starfish pale pink and gave the shells some shading. I thinned the brown paint a lot for that shading, so it wouldn’t end up looking like random stripes.

And then it was finally time to apply the rhinestones! They’re rather big, so I do recommend applying them in a way that makes them touch as much of the nail as possible. Also, they’re easy to just place on the nail using your fingers or a tweezer, and they’re very simple to put exactly where they’re supposed to be.

I love the effect, it really gives a 3D look! And they’re so shiny! To not ruin that effect (and to be able to re-use them later) I only applied topcoat around them, and not over them. Well, I guess the photos say enough, right? The rhinestones are beautiful! And they actually last quite a long time, if glued on with a decent amount of topcoat. They lasted 3 days on my nails, which is quite a lot 🙂

The rhinestones can be found here. Born Pretty Store also gave me a discount code to share with you 🙂 By using the code FT10K31 you get 10% off your order!

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