Nail art: Rainbow bubbles

When I want to do a nail but, but have no idea at all of what I want to put on my nails, it sometimes helps to just pick a nice nail polish and then use its name as inspiration. That does require a nail polish that actually has a name 😛 Essence is a good brand for that, and the same goes for brands like Catrice, Sinful Colours and China Glaze. Any brand that gives its nail polishes nice and creative names is good for that, really. Essence is my favourite in terms of names, though. They’re usually so cute and fun 🙂

This time, I did want to point it into a certain direction; it had to be fun for summer. So no dark colours, I already did that last week with the Bacardi nail art. Luckily, I have have more than enough Essence nail polishes to choose from 😉

This time, the choice quickly fell on this gorgeous nail polish; Over the Rainbow. It makes me think of that old song ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’, but it also makes me think of a nice clear summer day. The nail polish itself is sort of dark-ish sky blue with a beautiful shimmer in it. In the right light, it’s visible that it’s actually a duochrome polish, featuring bright turquoise and lilac/blue. A surprising combination, but pretty nonetheless.

As usual, the nail polish was easy to use. Some people love wide brushes, some people don’t. Personally, I do love them. Simply because I find them way easier to work with than thin brushes. The drying time of this nail polish is about average. It’s still rather sheer after one single layer but it serves as a good background for a nail art after two.

One thing is, that this nail polish does show the direction you were painting in. So if you wrap the tips of your nails in nail polish too (which makes it last longer), I would recommend doing that first and then proceed to paint the rest of the nail.

Then on to the rainbow part. I actually wanted to do a regular rainbow first, but I’ve done that before (more than once). But what else suits with summer? Water! Thought of course I prefer the sea and beach over rain 😉 And why wouldn’t they be able to have a rainbow colour? So I grabbed my acrylic paint and added some dots. I didn’t want them to look too neat, so I used a nail art brush for that, rather than a dotting tool.

The bubbles are very easy to make. Start out with white, then add a layer of colour and finish it off with a tiny white stripe to make them look shiny

Then just add a layer of topcoat, and it’s done!

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2 Responses to Nail art: Rainbow bubbles

  1. Marge says:

    Awww…so cute! Love the color combos and the rainbow bubbles. Love it!

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