NOTD: Shiny nude

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This week’s NOTD is a nude look, mainly because I wanted to try out an Essie nail polish that I recently purchased. Fresh and simple, but absolutely stunning in sunlight! And that’s what I find the most important in summer 🙂

A mani such as this one doesn’t need much of an explanation, of course, so this probably won’t be a long post. I’ll just try to compensate that with photos 😉

The Essie polish I wanted to use is Vanity Fairest, a sheer nude nail polish with shimmers. Although my nails never manage to look completely perfect, such as right now due to a broken nail, this nail polish makes them look pretty neat nonetheless. Also, the shimmers provide an awesomely shiny finish!

In terms of quality, Vanity Fairest is exactly what we’re used to with an Essie polish. It’s easy to work with, stays in place immediately and dries quickly. The brush is thick and wide, keeping enough nail polish to paint a few nails in a row. Most importantly, it’s nicely rounded so it’s easy to get a nice border between the nail polish and the cuticle. This way, anyone can do a manicure like a pro!

A lot of nude polishes don’t look quite ‘even’ in one layer, but Vanity Fairest is no example of that at all. I do like it best in two layers, though, as that shows of the shimmery effect the best. For the photo above, I used two layers.

On the ring finger nail, I put an extra layer of Vanity Fairest to make it slightly paler. While the nail polish was still wet, I pressed three rhinestones into it. Pink, purple and coral, as those are the colours that I wear the most in summer 🙂

Seeing as I wanted to test how long rhinestones will last on my nails without topcoat, I didn’t apply one. The rhinestones stuck on there for about 3 days (when being very careful), so if you want your mani to last for a whole week then I would recommend applying topcoat. Personally, I kinda prefer the rhinestones without topcoat over them.

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2 Responses to NOTD: Shiny nude

  1. Alice B says:

    Simple yet classy. This is the best description to this mani. Love the rhinestones.

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