Nail art: Dream-catchers

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Not a really original design this time, instead I decided to do something which I’ve seen on lots of other blogs during the past few years. Dream-catchers! I happen to love dream-catchers (simply because they look awesome), so I thought it’d be fun to also base a nail art on them. As an example, I used my largest dream-catcher, and mainly its pattern and feathers.

For a base colour, I wanted something pale, but not really white. Also, it had to have something special. After some searching, I chose a nail polish which has been in my collection for over year but hasn’t been used nearly enough; Love’s Recipe by Essence. A sort of pale beige colour with shiny colourless flakies. A very special nail polish (I’m not sure if it’s still being sold, though), and I thought it was perfect for these nails.

Despite its age, Love’s Recipe is still easy to apply and dries as quickly as it should. It is kinda sheer, though, so I would use 3 layers if I’d wear it on its own. Seeing as I’m going to put acrylic paint over it this time, I decided to keep it at two layers (as can be seen in the photo above).

I decided to start out with the part that seemed the most difficult to me, which was the pattern of the strings inside the dream-catcher. Some have a hole in the middle (to let the good dreams through 😉 ), this one has some tiny stones instead. Which does make it easier to paint, by the way. The ‘flower’ in the center is the hard part. When that’s done, all there’s left to do is to continue making the ends join until the nail is full.

As usual, I used acrylic paint. And also a very thin and long nail art brush. The stones became caviar beads in the nail art, as rhinestones would’ve been slightly too big. Those have been glued on with topcoat.

The feathers actually turned out to be more difficult, mainly because I’m awful at drawing feathers 😛 I just grabbed a fan brush and made the base in paler colours. Then I added black with the long and thin nail art brush. The black things on top of the feathers are supposed to be the beads.

Then all there’s left to do is to wait for the paint to dry and then apply topcoat. And then the nail art is done!

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