NOTD: Coral disco

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Usually, I don’t take the time to do my nails when I’m on vacation. I’m much to busy with shopping, hiking, sight seeing and sunbathing. And taking photos and filming, of course 😉 But eventually, it just becomes necessary, so I decided to do a simple and easy NOTD. Just a single colour and then one nail art sticker as a detail. I really think nail art stickers are perfect for that, which is why I brought them along on vacation 😉

This time, I could choose from 3 nail polishes (as I only brought 3) and the choice fell on a coral coloured polish. Island Coral by Sinful Colors, a nice coral colour which is perfect for summer.

Island Coral is very easy to apply and has a very nice brush. I didn’t do a clean-up, as I didn’t feel like it and it also wasn’t very necessary. It also dries pretty fast, which is also a good thing. In terms of coverage, 3 layers would make it perfectly even. However, 2 layers is enough to make it look very nice too, so I kept it at two layers this time.

Then I grabbed a nail art sticker, from a set I bought at Action a while ago. It’s by a brand called Max (not to be mistaken for Max Factor, which has nothing to do with it). They’re actually meant to be used instead of nail polish on the bare nail, so I was curious as to how well it would work out on nail polish.

To be sure, I waited until the nail polish was as dry as possible. However, it was already evening and I like to make photos by daylight, so it wasn’t completely dry when I apllied the sticker. I ended up taking most of the photo’s the next day, but anyway 😛

And to my surprise, it actually worked really well! The sticker immediately stuck to the nail and was easy to get to lie flat. No weird bumps and folds, it really looks like nail art! I really like these things!

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1 Response to NOTD: Coral disco

  1. Kairi says:

    I do love the accent nail with that sticker! 🙂

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