Nail art: Dots and stripes

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A little while ago, the Big Bazar had lot of OPI nail polishes for sale. Ones from old collections that won’t be available at the regular stores any more. And so, Big Bazar could sell them for only €10 per 3 bottles. Which is a huge discount, considering they usually cost between €14 and €15 per bottle here in the Netherlands!

I already had one OPI polish (bought at a regular store), which I honestly wasn’t all that positive about. But everyone is always so enthusiastic about this brand, so I still wanted to give it a second try. The only thing stopping me was the price of the polishes. When I learned about this sale, tough, I immediately jumped on it and bought 3 bottles. A duochrome, a crème and a glitter polish. The glitter will be shown in another post sometime, for today I used the duochrome and the crème one for an easy nail art 🙂

The crème polish is called ‘Did It On ‘Em’, and it’s a beautiful bright lime colour. So bright and happy, it immediately caught my attention at the store. It’s no less impressive on the nails, it almost glows and it’s so shiny! Applying it is very easy, and it dries remarkably fast. In 2 layers it shows only a little bit of nail line, but it covers perfectly in 3. For this mani, I used 3.

On the ring finger and also on all of my right hand nails, I used ‘Frog In My Throat’, which is a duochrome polish. It’s surprisingly difficult to take a photo of your right hand as a right handed person, but it sorta worked out I guess 😉 This nail polish was just as easy to apply as the other one, and it also dries just as quickly. The colour shifts between gold and deep green, it’s almost like liquid metal. I think it’s gorgeous!

So, yeah. I think I can be sure now that the one OPI polish I already had just isn’t the best one. At all. There’s really nothing negative to say about these newly bought polishes, they work great and look amazing. Exactly what I’d expect of a brand like OPI. Only downside? I’ll have to buy more OPI polishes now 😉

On the crème nails, I added some stripes with the duochrome polish and a striper brush. And I also outlined them, which wasn’t as difficult as I had expected (luckily). The nail polish works great for that too, it’s easy to work with and well visible. Then I used the crème polish to add 3 dots on the duochrome accent nail, with 3 different dotting tools. And lastly, I decided to add a rhinestone to complete the look 🙂

Then only add a layer of topcoat, and this mani is done!

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