NOTD: Briar Rose and studs (including video!)

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Finally!!! I’ve bought a daylight lamp. For less than €40, at, via an external shop. Which means I can now always have good photos of manicures and products! No longer will I be dependant on bright sunlight to make them, or need to make all photos and videos during daytime… such freedom!

Of course, I couldn’t wait to try out the lamp, and a NOTD seemed like a fun way to do it. Just a video with short bits of filming and a lot of room to try out different set-ups. The NOTD itself is pretty simple because of that reason; just nail polish and an accent nail. Nothing too complicated, just something simple yet fun. I did, as usual, make photos too. Only difference is that I’ll be writing less and filming more for this post 😉

As you can (hopefully) see, I’m also trying out a new video editing program. At least, it’s new to me. It’s free software named VSDC Free Video Editor. I did have to be mindful to only get the actual program when downloading it, but it is a good one. Rather complicated at first sight, but I think I’ll get used to it pretty soon.

A-England – Briar Rose

Okay, so here’s this NOTD in photos 😉

I’ve started out with Briar Rose, a beautiful nail polish by A-England. Not very surprising, as I actually love all of their nail polishes. In any case, Briar Rose is a dark pink one with tiny holographic glitters in it. It’s easy to apply and dries fast.

China Glaze – Liquid Leather

Then I added a slanted French tip on the accent nails, using China Glaze’s Liquid Leather. One single layer of that is enough for a good coverage, which makes this NOTD a lot easier than it would have been otherwise 🙂

Studs seemed perfect to really complete this mani. Using really tiny gold coloured studs, I added sort of a border between the French tips and the rest of the accent nails, but only until about halfway through. That just seemed to look better.

Then add topcoat, and it’s done!

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