Nail art: Magical Flower Field

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This nail art was inspired by the fact that I always make myself use new nail polishes first (ones I haven’t used yet). I actually had no idea what I wanted on my nails at all, but one of the nail polishes I still had to try happened to be green. And another one happened to be a glitter polish. So it turned into a magical flowerfield nail art 🙂 Which still kinds of suits the weather, so that’s good too 😉

The green nail polish I used is Artful by P2, a nail polish that I bought at the DM in Germany. Deep green and it covers really well! I was actually surprised about how well it covers, it already looks nice in one thicker layer. It’s prettiest in 2 layers, though, but if you’re in a hurry then one single layer would look good enough too. For this nail art, I used two layers of this nail polish, so that’s how I photographed it.

Artful is easy to use, although it is a bit thick, and it dries nice and fast. Also, it’s very shiny once it has dried, it really doesn’t look like a nail polish that cost me less than €2!

I painted the flowers using acrylic paints. First, in white, the outlines, then I coloured them in with a thick layer of white. Then I used a wet brush (this won’t work with a dry one) to stripe in the hearts. First with paler blue, then with dark blue. That way, the flowers seem to get some depth. I did consider also adding centres to the flowers, but I ended up not doing that because I actually like this effect better. Also, I added some glitter to the tips using OPI’s Serious Sparkle.

Then it’s time for topcoat, and the manicure is done!

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