NOTD: Pink with flower stickers

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A very simple NOTD this time, because I could work extra time at my side job as a mailman in the week I did these. Fun, and also nice for my bank account, but it does mean I don’t have time to make a nail art that takes hours 😉 No, a quick and easy NOTD is a much better idea when there’s not much time. Luckily, I still had 2 nail polishes that I had not yet properly tried, and they can really show their beauty in a NOTD.

Both nail polishes were pink, so it was a hard choice to make. Duochrome pink or metallic pink? I picked the metallic one, because it glitters so nicely in the sun. I bought it at Big Bazar (a budget store), and it’s a Sally Hansen nail polish named ‘Pink Sapphire’.

Although I personally prefer wider brushes, the narrow brush of this nail polish isn’t bad either. The nail polish itself is easy to work with too, although it does dry somewhat slowly. So it’s important to be very careful, it’s very easy to damage it. In terms of coverage, I don’t have any complaints. It covers almost perfectly in two layers.

All else I added were some nail art stickers with flowers. I’m not sure where they’re from, but they’re being sold at a lot of stores. Seeing as I’m also working tomorrow and the day after, and I’ll have to re-do my nails afterwards anyway, I didn’t add a topcoat.


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