Nail art: Delfts Handpainted (+ review Born Pretty Store water decals!)

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Today, I’ve got a review of some beautiful water decals from Born Pretty Store! I like to pick things that immediately give me an idea for a nail art, and these Deluxe Floral Pattern decals certainly did. They made me think of Delfts Handpainted. They’re so pretty and dainty. And blue, of course 😉 Also, I thought it’d might be fun to take this opportunity to show on video how to use water decals. It isn’t difficult, but it’s just one of those things that are easier to show than to explain.

Below the video, there’s also a bunch of photos and some text, as usual. Also, there’s a coupon code for 10% off at the Born Pretty Store! 🙂

To portray the porcelain of a Delfts Handpainted statue, I started out with 2 layers of a white nail polish. I used White Tip by Sally Hansen, as that one is very easy to work with for a white nail polish. It also covers almost perfectly in two layers, which is enough for this nail art.

To make the background a bit more interesting, I then made an ombre look of it. Using a makeup sponge and two nail polishes (the white one by Sally Hansen and Pier 17 by NYC), I dabbed the colours onto the nails. Do be mindful not to use a very dark shade of blue, otherwise the water decals won’t stand out as much later on.

Then I added the water decals, which are very easy to use and look absolutely gorgeous. And lastly, I applied a layer of top coat 🙂 If you’re interested in these water decals (or other fun nail art things), here’s a coupon code!

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