Nail art: Stripes and cupcakes

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This week’s nail art is loosely based on a tea pot and cartons by Xenos. I also have a kitchen apron from that same collection, because I happen to love the vintage style of it! It’s called the ‘Nostalgic Collection’, by the way.

In any case, the striped pattern is the most noticeable about this collection. Other than that, all women on the cartons/tea pots/whatever are cooking or baking. The image always features a pan or some pastries. I didn’t really feel like painting a pan on my nails, so I went for a cupcake instead 🙂

For a base colour, I thought white would be the most suitable. So I started out with the polish White Tip by Sally Hansen. It’s actually meant for French Tips (and does work perfectly for that), but it’s also very usable to paint the whole nail with. It dries pretty quickly, and is very easy to apply for a white polish. It does have a very narrow brush, so it does take a little bit more time.

It needs 3 layers to cover perfectly. But seeing as I was going for a vintage theme here, I only applied 2. That way, it doesn’t cover completely evenly, which I think gives a nice effect.

For the stripes, I used two different nail polishes. The first one is Summer Lovin’ by P2, the other one is Fashion Ave Fuchsia by NYC. A crème polish and a sort of shimmery polish. Both have been applied using a very thin striper brush. Of course it looks the neatest if the lines are perfect, but for a vintage theme I prefer them not to be. I think it looks more fun if they aren’t completely perfect 🙂

I used acrylic paint to do the cupcake, simply because I find that to be easier to work with for paining small things. First, I did the shape of the cupcake in white, which required 2 layers to cover the lines in the background. Then I used other colours to fill that in.

To finish off the cupcake, I also added a black outline. At first, I wanted to keep it at white, but that didn’t quite look right on a white background. So I ended up adding the black outline anyway 😛

Then a layer of topcoat, and the mani is done!

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