NOTD: Negative spaces tape

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For today’s NOTD I did another attempt at a tape mani… It had to work out well sometime, right? Also, I thought it’d be fun to combine a clear polish with a coloured one. I always really like how negative space manicures look on other people, but I had never tried it myself. So, why not try it now?

I’ve started out with a Nail Candies polish by Essence, in the colour ‘Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch’. Well, colour… On the nails, it’s pretty much clear. Exactly what I was looking for. And it’s also supposed to strengthen the nails. Also, it’s a scented nail polish, and smells sweet and fruity. Which is also nice.

This nail polish applies easily and dries fast. To give the nails some extra protection, I applied 2 layers.

Then it’s time for tape! I used a striping tape that I bought on Ebay a long time ago, and cut 15 pieces off of that. Okay, I counted wrong and cut 16 pieces. But I only used 15 per hand 😉 Then I made a simple pattern onto each nail, followed by a layer of nail polish.

Two tips; keep in mind which piece of tape was applied first. That one should come off last. Basically, they have to be taken off in the reverse order in which they were put on, so everything comes off without pulling at the others. And it’s also a good idea to pick a nail polish that covers in one single layer. If you need two layers, chances are that the lines won’t stay neat. I used ‘Berry Potter and Plumbledore’ by Catrice.

This time, it actually worked! The reason? I waited longer before removing the tape, about a minute or so.

To finish it off, I added a layer of topcoat. Just to get everything smooth and shiny. And then the nail art is done already!

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