Nail art: Chains and stuff (+ review of Born Pretty Store water decals!)

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News: Currently (until September 17, 2014) everyone can get a voucher if they make an order at Born Pretty store! Details can be found here.

Today, I’ve got another review for you of a product that I got from Born Pretty Store, namely a set of water decals! The water decals from Born Pretty Store are really very good. They stick to the nails well, and aren’t thick. So they really make it seem as if the image is on the nail, unlike how it is with a nail sticker (those are usually thicker than the actual nail). Also, they’re very easy to use, which I find very important.

This time, I’ll review the Punk Stylish Chain Waistband Pattern water decals 🙂 At the bottom of this post, you can also find a coupon code for 10% off of any order at Born Pretty Store!

I started out with a nude nail polish by Misa, which is called Pretty. It’s a nice nail polish that has a complete coverage in two layers, but it does take ages to dry fully. I’ve never managed to keep a manicure with this nail polish looking perfect, unfortunately.

Then I added some red nail polish, using a fan brush. The nail polish is a nameless one by Etos, any red polish will do. Then on to the water decals! As expected, they work well. I do see that it would’ve been better to use contrasting colours as a background, because the chain and key stand out less than they could have. Good to know for a next time 😉

All that’s left to do is to add a layer of topcoat, and we’re done!

For 10% off an order at you can use the following coupon code!

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