Nail art: Grapes (video)

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Today’s nail art was inspired by the grape bushes in my back yard. Which is probably clear, as it’s a grape nail art 😉 At the moment, which happens every autumn, the bushes are full of grapes which are ready to be picked.

Not only do they taste great (the breed is Kleine van Boskoop, I think), but it also looks very nice when the bushes are that full! I especially love the contrast between the fresh green leafs and the blueish purple grapes, so I thought it’d be fun to base a nail art off that 🙂

OPI – Did It On ‘Em

I’ve started out with a bright green colour, to represent the colour of the leafs. For that, I used the nail polish ‘Did It On ‘Em’ by OPI. It’s easy to apply, although it does need three to four layers to cover completely. I really love the colour, it’s a bright and fresh shade of green.

Catrice – Berry Potter and Plumbledore

For the grapes, I’ve started out with black acrylic paint. I’ve used that to paint thin twigs. Which doesn’t have to look perfect, by the way, as they’re going to be covered by grapes anyway 😉

The grapes themselves were done with nail polish and a dotting tool. The colour ‘Berry Potter and Plumbledore’ by Catrice seems perfect for that, seeing as it’s a duochrome between dark purple and green. Due to the shimmers in the nail polish, the grapes actually look a bit 3D.

Finish it off with a layer of top coat, and the nail art is done!

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