NOTD: Classy red (sort of)

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For this week, I just wanted a quick and classy NOTD. But nothing too serious, because that just doesn’t suit me 😉 Red is always a good colour, so I went for a nice and bright shade of red and some stickers. This look is very simple, so it’s also easy to do if there’s not much time for a manicure.

Essence – Redvolution

The colour Redvolution by Essence was the first red colour I thought of, so that’s the one I grabbed. Redvolution is a gorgeous bright red and has a shiny finish. It’s easy apply, not too thick and not too thin, but does still show some of the smile line of the nail in two layers. I don’t mind that, but if you do mind it them a third layer will fix that.

Other than that, I only added a sticker with 3 glitters, followed by a layer of topcoat. Quick and easy, yet I do really like the result!

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